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Lucky Dogs Food Concession Build

When heading North on Route 28 on your way to Old Forge from Southern New York, stop by Lucky Dogs in Woodgate for a closer look at one of our recent trailer customizing projects from 2012. Our sales staff work closely with our clients to deliver "made-to-order" Blizzard Mfg. aluminum trailers.




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Customizing Blizzard Trailers for various concession vendors such as food, merchandise or services allows you to bring your business to your customer.

Look at the features of a recently completed food vendor trailer custom built by our talented builders.

Customer Supplied Items:
- Stainless Steel Sink
- Cupboards & Counter tops
- Grill
- Refrigerator

Blizzard Built/Installed Items:
- RV door w/screen door
- Vendor Windows w/shelves
- White Vinyl Interior
- Slider windows
- Electrical Breaker panel
- Exhaust Fan
- Fluorescent Lighting
- Plumbing & Holding Tank
- Folding Step
- AC/Heat Ceiling Unit
- Linoleum Flooring

What does your company need? Let our knowledgeable sales staff help you plan a trailer design to suit your needs!

Why Go Blizzard?


All-Aluminum Lightweight, strong, corrosion resistent & holds its value.


Custom Built Built to your specifications.


Parts & Repairs Available on location to keep you on the road!