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Blizzard Trailers - Standard Features

Why All Aluminum?

With an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, lightweight aluminum delivers a resilient foundation on which to build trailers for all kinds of demanding environments. Aluminum's inherent corrosion resistance helps combat the damaging effects of winter. When the time comes to upgrade your trailer, the aluminum Blizzard trailer maintains one of the highest resale values in the industry. • All-Aluminum Construction - STANDARD

Sealed Exterior Shells

Blizzard Mfg has mastered the screw-free, sealed aluminum exterior panels on all enclosed trailer models. Every screw in competitor trailers eventually turns into an "open door" to invite in the harsh elements of nature. Wind, snow, ice, road salts need but only the smallest opportunity to start wreaking havoc on your trailers' finish and interiors. The smooth, screw-free exterior of the Blizzard trailer line not only looks more presentable, but provides a smooth, clean surface for any vinyl trailer graphics you wish to install on your trailer. • Screw-free Sealed Exterior - STANDARD

Recessed Camlock Latches

camlock_stnrdMany trailer features that are "upgrades" with other manufacturers, come as standard features on Blizzard Mfg. trailer models. Recessed, camlock latches are standard items on all enclosed Blizzard trailer models.

Why Go Blizzard?


All-Aluminum Lightweight, strong, corrosion resistent & holds its value.


Custom Built Built to your specifications.


Parts & Repairs Available on location to keep you on the road!

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Blizzard Trailers

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