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Blast Boss Custom Build

When our new dealer Blast Boss Inc. of Ogdensburg, NY approached us to build their trailer design sold to their sandblaster and high pressure blasting clients, here's the results of that collaboration. This Open Car Hauler with a V-Nose Box is a result a of a customer's build spec that is now available for resale by contacting Mark at Blast Boss of Ogdensburg. See their dealer information on our dealers page.

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The Blast Boss custom features Blizzard Mfg.'s aluminum 18ft. open car hauler, double axle frame with a 10ft. enclosed V-Nose box for secure storage of customer's equipment.

Blast Boss sells custom designed trailers specifically engineered for industrial blasting companies. Visit their site at: www.GoSodaBlasting.com for all their industrial trailers as well as the rest of the Blizzard Mfg. aluminum trailer lineup.

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All-Aluminum Lightweight, strong, corrosion resistent & holds its value.


Custom Built Built to your specifications.


Parts & Repairs Available on location to keep you on the road!

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